Why we use an Electronic Logbook to log flight hours

If there's one thing we really want to recommend for any new pilot, it's to consider getting yourself an electronic logbook. Here's why...

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1) First Impressions Count


Almost any time you go for an interview as a pilot in Europe, an employer will ask to see your pilot logbook.


A paper logbook has a much higher potential to be untidy, dirty, full of scratched out errors and coffee steins which doesn't give a good impression to any future employer.


If like us, you also have untidy writing skills, an electronic logbook solves that little problem and gives potential employers a better first impression of you.

2) It will save you time


Almost every pilot is guilty of not filling in their logbook directly after each flight. At some point they have to burn the midnight oil staying up all night just to catch up on the many hours they forgot to add to their logbook. This can get extremely frustrating!

An electronic logbook on the other hand, offers you the ability to fill it in online through an app on your Phone, Tablet or Computer. It's fast, clean and efficient. If you make a mistake, just delete it and start the line again. It's that simple really.

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3) Instant Statistics

The biggest factor for us is that all flying hours are calculated instantly.


When does this help you or why do you need such a feature?


  • When searching for jobs, apart from Total hours, almost every airline will ask for slightly different hour summaries to one another. Some airlines want hours flown in last 90 days, others 180 days, Hours on jet in the last year etc. A hand written logbook makes this tiresome & is prone to mistakes. One mistake can cost you the job as it might come across as being untruthful in your interview. An electronic logbook almost eliminates this risk.

  • Some companies want you to send your monthly hour updates to them. Instant statistics provided by electronic logbooks will save a you a lot of hassle.



4) Are you within your flight time limits?


Another great feature not to be overlooked, is that some e-logbooks have the ability to warn you if you are approaching your flight time limits. This can save you a rather embarrassing explanation to your Chief Pilot and Civil Aviation Authority. In some cases it may even help save your licence if an employer tries to push you beyond your flight time limits. It's not unheard of for employers to try push pilots past the duty or flight time limits for financial gain. So it's a very good idea that a pilot keep track of their own hours rather than rely on a company to do it for you.



5) Useful Tip for pilots to consider


A former chief pilot once recommended to us, that pictures in a logbook can break the ice at an interview. In other words, an unusual aircraft type, or your first command is something that can spark conversation amongst the recruiters. What he didn't want to see was photos taken during critical phases of flight, because that can do the opposite and cost you the job opportunity.


So to add one or two pictures is nice touch as it is a reflection of ones career over the years. However that is not to say go ahead and convert your logbook into a picture book. That might not go down so well in an interview either.

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Here is our list of Pros and Cons for LogTen Pro (Coradine)



  1. Available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac Store

  2. Offers multiple Logbook print out formats

  3. LogTen is partnered with Roster Buster - so you can import your work schedule from over 500 airlines

  4. Can import/transfer other electronic logbook formats. To Help you with your logbook transfer, simply contact their support team via support@coradine.com

  5. Coradine offers a 3 MONTH FREE TRIAL to test out LogTen Pro - but make sure you read the cons before downloading!


  1. It's not available on android devices.


*Note this post contains sponsored links from our affiliate